About us.

We are the New. The definition of Concept.

Slow is the new Fast.

Welcome to the new Concept Agency. We are what we call a Slow Agency – where speed is desired but not defining. If you appreciate the trending slow fashion, slow food and everything else becoming slow – you are in the right place. In a place, where quality supersedes quantity. We strive to put our backs into things that inspire us and motivate us to work with all our hearts in them. Everyone on our team has their own field of passion. We love working with start-ups but also with long established businesses. We can create amazing branging that has an idea and a story right from scratch, but also rebrand an existing project. When requested to create a complete project, we are able to cover all fronts. Our main focus stays with branding, design, content and ideas creation but we will put ourselves into everything that has anything to do with marketing.

We strive to be fair and cool, we take it to a personal level – almost family-like, so you can even reach us in between Christmas dinner meals. Why, you ask? Because we truly love what we do. We also cover all the marketing related to our own projects, which is why we always give it our all. Don’t get discouraged if you are a charity – we don’t do business just for the money, but also to leave something meaningful behind.